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If you’re thinking of hiring a yacht for holiday then look no further than Sublime Yachts. When chartering a motor or sailing yacht for your yacht charter vacation, you will also have countless sports and toys available to satisfy everyone, as well as if required, guides or instructors in the shape of your crew. Most yachts, even the smaller ones, have onboard a vast array of activities available for your vacation, which you may utilise as much or as little as you desire.

Your crew will be experienced with all of the equipment on board so can act as your instructors if necessary. So whether you would like to try something new, or if you are a seasoned professional, the possibilities are endless.
By clicking on the tabs above you will see a selection of some of the activities charter yachts can offer, although the list of toys on the boats is always growing. Some yachts will have them all, others some. Whatever you require, we will ensure that everything you need is, quite literally, on your doorstep.

Whatever pursuit you want to enjoy on your charter, contact us to make it happen. Please contact us!

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Learn to Sail

hiring a yacht for holiday
Learning to Sail is often part of any sailing yacht charter, when you can be involved as much or as little as you like with the sailing of the yacht. Some yachts, motor or sail will also have sailing dinghies on board with qualified instructors, so you or your party could go from complete beginner to proficient sailors during your holiday.


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Snorkelling can be a big part of your holiday. The marine life you will encounter can be spectacular for all the family.

All boats will have snorkelling equipment onboard, some will even have electric motors to pull you along if your feeling lazy or adventurous!

Scuba Diving

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Diving often plays a large part in a charter. Many boats offer the discover scuba course as crew members are often certified dive instructors, so even if you have never dived before, you can learn.

Some yachts specialize in diving and have compressors and all the equipment, with knowledgeable guides as part of the crew, so if it is your passion, we can find the right yacht. Others can offer rendezvous diving where the crew will arrange to meet with a dive boat or school.

Wake Boarding

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Wake Boarding has becoming the most popular thing to do behind a speed boat. Giving you the freestyle feel associated on the mountains with snowboarding, it is popular with kids and adults alike.

Nearly all luxury charter yachts will have a tender capable of pulling a wakeboard and if they do, they will have a board.

Water Skiing

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Water Skiing has been enjoyed for nearly as long as pleasure boats. Much faster than wakeboarding and if you haven’t waterskied for 20 years there is no better way than off the back of a luxury yacht.


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Every yacht will have a variety of things that can be towed behind the tender. From Donuts to Bananas there is fun to be had by all ages.


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Windsurfers can be found on many charter yachts and should you desire you can find yourself in some of the best spots in the world during your charter.


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Kitesurfing has been taking the water sports world by storm for years. If some or all of your party are seasoned kiters, or keen to get some of the action, we can make sure it is factored in to your itinerary.


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Fishing can play a large part in both the entertainment and the culinary aspect of your charter. There is nothing quite like reeling in a fish then later that day smelling it searing in the pan or watch it being expertly rolled into your sushi!

Paddle Boarding

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Paddle Boarding is a fairly new phenomenon, but is really gathering steam. Many boats have one or more of these boards that enable you to stand and paddle. Not only is it a great workout for the core muscles but it is also very therapeutic.

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