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Sardinia and Corsica

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, and is part of Italy. Corsica though only a few miles away is part of France. The transition between the two islands gives both cultural and scenic variety.

The proximity of the islands and the flexibility that being afloat gives truly means there is no better way to see the islands than onboard a luxury yacht. Sardinia is a unique mix of stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and enchanting culture that captivates any visitor.

The Costa Smerelda or “Emerald Coast” lies on the North East corner of the Island, conveniently close to Olbia International Airport.

Porto cervo and Porto Rotondo sit close to the airport making them ideal places to start or finish your charter with some of the most stylish shops in the Mediterranean. On their doorstep is the Madallena Islands.

The islands are a national park and for good reason as they offer some of the most stunning scenery in the Med. Just across the Straights of Bonnifacio on the Island of Corsica is Bonnifacio. An enchanting town whose entrance has to be experienced aboard a yacht to be truly appreciated.

Move up the western coast of Corsica through Propriano, Ajjacio and onto Calvi, on a coastline littered with scenery and anchorages that will leave you speechless.

To discuss the possibility of a bespoke yacht charter in Sardinia and Corsica or anywhere else, contact us to book your perfect holiday.

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