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Crewed Yacht Charter: Fine Dining

Nearly all crewed yacht charters will give you the benefit of having your own private chef who will cater to all your culinary desires. Having a chef that will be able to exceed all your expectations is key in ensuring your charter is a sublime experience.

Whatever the size of the vessel, or the number of crew your chef will customise the culinary experience to suit you and your party. Any dietary requirements, likes and dislikes will be taken care of, as the whole menu will be tailor made to you.

If you enjoy eating fish, fishing can feature during a charter. Once you have helped reel in the catch, there is nothing quite like having your chef skillfully filet and the fish for a meal that could not be fresher. No matter what you like to eat, your chef and crew will know the best place in the area to find you the highest quality local produce.

Many of the larger yachts have chefs that have worked in some of the worlds’ top venues, and with the facilities and resources they have on board, can put to shame many a Michelin Star restaurant.

We appreciate how important the food on board is and will ensure you have the right crew to go beyond all your culinary wishes.

To discuss your dining tastes and desires for the perfect yacht charter fine dining experience. Please contact us here!

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