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Bareboat Yacht Charter Overview & Search

Bareboat yacht charter holidays are perfect for charterers with some experience on the water. Bareboat yacht charter is renting a yacht without a crew with destinations throughout the Caribbean and Mediterranean. For those who love the levels of privacy that you can only get by being on a yacht with no one but friends and family around, and who love the sense of adventure given by being in charge of a yacht, then bareboat charter is a fantastic way to go.

Another option for those who are not experienced enough to be in charge of a yacht themselves, but want a sailing holiday without a chef and the extra cost of a fully crewed yacht, is a bareboat charter with a skipper. In this case we help find you a yacht, and then ensure you have a fully qualified skipper to be in charge of the yacht and ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment. This can be a very economical way to do a sailing holiday.

We put our global fleet of bareboat charter at your fingertips, and will ensure that your charter holiday exceeds all expectations. We keep on top of all special offers, and strive to always get you the best possible deal, our vast database of yachts means we can often top other options by a considerable margin in terms of price and quality.

Using our experience we ensure you find the best yacht to suit you and your group, and if you are not sure where you would like to go, our experience of chartering around the world can prove vital in that decision making process.

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