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Barbuda & Antigua Yacht Charter

The charming Nelsons Dockyard and magnificent Falmouth Harbour in Antigua provide a winter base for a lot of the worlds most notable super and mega yachts. The island also claims to possess a beach for every day of the year.

Barbuda boasts miles of untouched sand where one can walk for miles without seeing another soul. It is also home to the largest frigate bird colony in the Caribbean. When chartering around Antigua, a trip down to the next island south, Guadeloupe, is an option.

Experience some French culture combined with Caribbean ambiance, then move down to the exquisite group of islands off the South of Guadeloupe, The Saints. For a truly sobering experience head out to Monserrat, where it is still possible to take a tour into the zone where what look like bungalows are really the third floor of a three bedroom house, the reminder still being left under the ash from the eruption on boxing day in 1997!

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