Why get stuck onshore this summer when you could choose to sail away on a luxury yacht charter?


In the midst of pandemic uncertainty more people are choosing to swap their usual vacation at a luxury hotel for a tailor-made charter onboard a luxury yacht. For us here at Sublime Yachts, there is no contest!   A yacht charter is more exclusive, more exciting, and more luxurious than a holiday at some of the world’s top hotels, here’s why:

Restriction Free Zone


You and your chosen guests will be safe in your own bubble, away from the virus, and free from restrictions of places you are visiting.  Yachts are maintained to the highest hygienic standards, and you can count the crew to keep every corner of the yacht spotless.  Unlike in a hotel, there are no strangers to rub shoulders with.  Yachts are equipped with the best in entertainment and water toys to keep you busy, with so much to do you can choose to go ashore as often or as little as you wish.


You’ll have the entire yacht to yourself, with a crew at your disposal to meet your every need and desire. You can truly disconnect from the outside world if you wish, and enjoy uninterrupted quality time with your loved ones, all in the lap of luxury. You decide the pace of the day, where to go next, and how long you want to stay.

Stunning Locations Sublime Yacht Chartes


The constraints of a fixed location cease to exist!  You can explore multiple destinations and cruise to a different anchorage or marina every day. Visit secluded bays and beaches that are only accessible by boat.   On a yacht you can kick back and relax while you watch the world float by, as the crew moves the boat to your next spectacular stop.

Fine Dining Luxury Yacht Experience


Your private chef will be up to speed on your culinary tastes and preferences before you arrive, ready to prepare delicious meals to your liking, customised for any diet from vegetarian to paleo and beyond. Every meal onboard is an event, served on a beautifully decorated table and there’s no reservation necessary!


The professional crew live onboard and are dedicated to looking after the vessel all year long. You won’t have to lift a finger for the basics, and they are available to cater to your every whim, from serving cocktails and offering cold towels, to arranging massages and beauty treatments, to planning a midnight disco. The crew will pamper you, and their attention to detail will keep the yacht in top order, and ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Sensational Service Luxury Yacht Charter


Financially speaking, a luxury yacht charter might be more affordable than you think.  If you crunch the numbers and compare the price of a luxury hotel stay, the costs are comparable and sometimes even more economical.  It becomes even more cost effective if you share some of the costs with extended family or a group of friends. Our yachts come in all shapes and sizes, motor and sail, we have something for every taste and every budget.

Find Your Yacht

A hotel stay is nice, but a luxury yacht charter gives you is the freedom to create your perfect getaway.  Our team can get you started with selecting a yacht, choosing destinations, and planning your itinerary.  Let us provide a personal service for a Sublime experience.  Our specialists think of everything and can cater for everyone, we know the tiny touches that take a holiday from wonderful to truly Sublime, and we take pride in creating tailor-made yacht charters for our clients and their loved ones.